Beloved of the Most High God, you are blessed of God. After the last 21 days exercise in prayer and fasting for revelations, the Lord has led us to begin another 100 day journey of prayer that will both train and give us the experience of exercising the authority of Christ on earth. This as instructed by the Father will mostly be intercessory in nature with our nation, Nigeria receiving special attention through out the prayers. Intercession is a form of prayer that is mostly characterized with exercise of authority and this is how to put the revelations we received in the course of 21 days to force. The 100 days started on Sunday, June 24, 2019 and will end on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. While prayer continues everyday between 3am – 5am every morning, we alternate the FASTING week after week – that is we will fast for seven days and will be off fasting for another seven days till the end of the 100 days. See details of the Fasting schedule below.

The message “The Glory of the Ascended Life (Parts 1&2)” which is available on the sermons page are the foundation teachings for this exercise. Please get to listen to them diligently. Beloved, when believers don’t pray, things remain the way they are on earth. This is our greatest duty in these last days – exercising the authority of Christ in the power of Holy Ghost through prayers. Books that will guide us in the course of this prayer exercise will also be given to us.  Thank you and God bless you as we exercise our authority with Christ together.