The Lord had inspired our hearts to go on 40 Days of Blessed Meditation following a simple template to guide our meditation process and key things to note on the journey (Please ensure to go through the links to have a perfect understanding of the journey and how best to go about it)

Day 12 Focus:

I am dead to greed. Money, spirit of mammon or any form of materialism do not have hold over me. I have in me the working of the Holy Ghost to surrender ANYTHING in my life to God when and if He demands it. Anything God demands from me can never be a loss but means to higher blessing.

Note: Walking in the New Covenant Blessing requires that God prove us that we are not possesed by any other thing but Him. In the coming days, without any man telling us, God may be laying in our hearts to give our substance sacrificially. Please respond in delightful obedience of faith. You will be glad for it

Guiding Scriptures : Gen 22:1-12; Matt 19:29

What to do: Please in your own way, put down your detailed insights from the scriptures. Confess in prayers the truths stated in the “Focus

To hold yourself accountable, send your DAILY meditation insights to discipleship@effectivechristianmandate.org latest by 11:59PM of each day.