Dear Beloved,

I trust that you still find God faithful and your delight in Him is still intact. Let me remind you that the Lord is good all the time. Even if your current situation does not allow you to see that, please believe that the Lord is good all the time and you shall see that He is good all the time.

In His infinite mercies, the Lord, at the Effective Christian Mandate, on the 7th April, 2019, inspired us to begin a journey of meditating on specific mysteries in His blessing. This is coming because the Lord opened our hearts to see in Psalms 1:2 that a man called blessed primarily does two things:

(1) delights in the precepts of the Lord and

(2) meditates day and night on the Word of God.

This is confirmed in the instruction that the Lord gave to Joshua in Josh 1:8. We saw this also as a lifestyle in Isaac in Gen 24:63, and as an instruction from the Holy Ghost in 1Tim 4:15. Since we also are of like precious faith, we follow this path of experiencing the Blessing that men of faith experienced through meditation on the precepts of the Lord.

Every day, for the next 40 days, focal points for meditation will be made available to participants (in consequent posts) and also accompanied with guiding questions that will facilitate your meditation process. Participants are meant to use the attached template to pen down their insights from meditation. You are to write your insights as answers to each guiding questions under the “My Insights to Question …” The use of the template is crucial to making it possible for individual participants to share insights with others in a structured manner for uniformity and easy comprehension.

We cannot but expect that in the process of meditation, the Holy Ghost will drive you into deep and wholehearted praying experiences. The sure output of this process for our lives is already clearly stated in Psalms 1:3. This shall be, as we faithfully allow the Holy Spirit in this 40 day journey of blessed meditation.

As you go on this 40-day journey, focus on these things consciously:
1. Meditation only causes your desire and longing after God to be deepened.

2. Prayer as a complement to meditation causes the power to perform that desire to be generated in you.
That is:
In meditation, we generate deep desire and longing after God but in prayer we generate great Power to carry out this Godly desire.
Therefore, in this 40-day journey, ensure you are balanced in meditation and prayer. Meditate deeply and Pray deeply – this is the key to experiencing God’s blessing in this journey.

To opt in to this 40-day exercise, please send a mail to discipleship@effectivechristianmandate.org

Please note that we are taking this very serious so that we can maximize all that God wants for us in this exercise. God bless you

I want to congratulate you for choosing the Lord to be your God.

God bless you.

Your brother,

Akinwehinmi Gbenga