About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is an effective church where the knowledge and the rule of Christ is established in the heart of every believer

Our Mission

Our mission is to labour towards the restoration of the church, particularly in Nigeria, to her place in God’s order for creation by reaching out to believers through different inspired programmes

The Mandate

The church of God headed by Christ is the most powerful divinely established institution on earth. It is through the church that God has chosen to show principalities and powers how foolish they are in the light of His own infinite wisdom and glory. This is a truth that is hidden to many believers of Christ on earth. However, it is a truth that is forever settled. God chose the church in union with Christ to fulfill His eternal purpose for creation.

First, what is God’s eternal purpose for creation? It is that throughout all ages and in eternity, His unsearchable glory may be displayed (Prov 16:4; Rom 11:36; Eph 3:20-21; Rev 4:11). God is infinitely wise, glorious, powerful and exceedingly rich. He is all of these by Himself alone.
This is why He is called the self-existing one – Jehovah. His wisdom, glory and power are unlimited and unsearchable. He chose that through His creation, His glory may be displayed. The creation of heaven, earth and the host of angelic beings were first to the end that the riches of His glory may be endlessly displayed to provoke ceaseless eternal worship. (Rev 4vs9-11)
This is the revelation God gave to us at the Effective Christian Mandate (ECM) and this is our pursuit in prayers and teaching of the Word of God.

We are eternally committed to seeing the church of God on earth fulfil this mandate. It is to this end that the Lord gave us this mandate in December, 2011 to gather men and teach them His purpose for the church.

“The Lord impressed on my heart on the 28th of December, 2011 during the hours of 9:00am and 12:00pm to gather Christians from different churches especially young leaders and teach them the Word of God in order that they might be equipped to continue to edify the church of God where they are. Also, included in the purpose for such meetings is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit of God through His Gifts for the blessings of participants” – Gbenga Akinwehinmi (Convener)

Since then, God has granted us to teach men this wonderful truth of God about His church and this we want to continue to pursue.
Beloved, nothing can work well on earth except it is well with the Church of God. The Church of God in her union with Christ occupies a strategic position in the order of creation and in the achievement of the eternal purpose of God. Any effort that is not committed to this divine arrangement of God will always meet with resistance from God. And who can resist God? None.

Knowing fully well that you also have been granted a place in the building of His Church, it is to this end, beloved that we seek to request that you take advantage of our meetings and publications to access God’s revealed truth about his Church. We believe this truth must spread everywhere in order for us to bring the nations of the earth to order and ultimately fulfill the counsel of the Lord for creation. Please read the information about our meetings, our social platforms and contacts to avail yourself of what God is offering through our mandate for the building of you, His saint, and the church of God at large.

God bless you.

Gbenga Akinwehinmi