To what end are we called?

To what end are we called? The Lord laid a burden for the church in our hearts. The reason is simple, it’s because nothing would work on earth except through His church. God has taken a special delight in His church. His church is like Israel, through which He is going to show forth His glory unto the whole earth. The name of Jacob which was changed to Israel was to the end that through that nation, God might show forth how splendid, how glorious, how rich, His power is to the whole earth. God didn’t chose Israel because Israel qualified for it than any other nation in the world. At the time God was choosing Abraham, every other person had equal chance of being chosen by God. But his mercy chose Abraham.

To what end? That Abraham and his generation might become the vessel of the true riches of God. Also, that through Abraham, through Isaac, through Jacob that he might show forth his mercy to the whole end of the earth. In this end times, God has also chosen to reveal his glory to the end of the earth through His church. So the end to which the Lord has gathered us is that He may show forth His church – the glory; the riches of the glory. So why is He bringing us this? That He may instruct us as to what His intent is and to the end that we may be relevant.

Paul told Timothy, “Let no man despise thy youth”. Do not despise what God will do through you by this instruction we are bringing together. So the first aim of our gathering in Effective Christian Mandate is that we are trusting God for the revival of the church. What is that revival? The restoration of the church to our original purpose in Christ.