France, England and Spain, the most affected by the 201 Africa Cup


France, England and Spain, the most affected by the 201 Africa Cup

From whom did I learn the technique to pilot these monsters? Well, from Dani, who is the one next to me in my box. I, of course, will miss it a lot. I thought I would continue, but I already said in the Netherlands that to get good results and performance from these bikes, you either have your head to the thousand per thousand in your riding, as Dani said, or you finish tenth ”.

A body too fragile

Rossi acknowledged that “he was convinced that he would accept the offer made by Yamaha to ride one of our bikes, which would have been great for both Maverick (Viñales) and me, because his experience at Honda, his knowledge about Honda, and his tact when developing the bike would have served us all a lot. But, well, in the end he decided to leave and, the truth is, we all know the tremendous gap he will leave in this World Cup. Dani is the cleanest and most technical rider we have ever seen and his riding is impeccable, admirable. It hurts me that he leaves us, ”said the‘ Doctor ’, who, aged 39, seven years older than Pedrosa, is still in second place in the MotoGP World Championship.

 José Leonardo Ulloa, forward of Leicester, has discharged responsibility for the appearance of his name on the Panama Papers on his former representative and former owner of Castellón, José Manuel García Osuna.

Apr 05, 2016 at 13:05 CEST


Ulloa’s name appears among those linked to non-resident companies related to the Panama Papers as a result of his connection with García Osuna when the footballer defended the colors of Castellón.

At that time, Osuna was the main shareholder of Castellnou 2005 SL, the owner of the Castellnou club at that time.

In addition to being the owner of Castellón, Osuna acted as a sports advisor to the Albinegro team and a representative of footballers, for which he participated in dozens of player transfers, one of them from Ulloa.

The forward acknowledges that his name appears as a result of his transfers to Castellón and, later, to Almería. "I am in the middle. I don’t know what this leader will have done or what they will have done with the money", Ulloa has stated in the program Jaque Mate of the Argentine radio Pop and Rock.

"I have no relationship with this leader and I hope that Justice will act as it has to act and things will be clarified", the attacker has claimed.

Precisely, Osuna is one of those investigated in the court case on the management carried out by the Castellnou company in Castellón that led to the descent of Castellón to Third Division due to defaults.

In the Castellnou Case, the judge has required Osuna to show the Castellón purchase and sale contracts, a request that has not been attended by the investigated and that the new leaders have not been able to attend to as these documents have disappeared.

Tunisia, who beat Zimbabwe 4-2 on Monday, will play the quarterfinals of the Africa Cup of Nations, instead of Algeria, which signed an irrelevant two-goal tie against Senegal, which confirmed their status as group champion .


On at 22:28 CET

This combination of results leaves the Algerian team out of the competition, in whose ranks Leicester midfielder Riyad Mahrez, elected best African footballer of 2016, plays. His teammate Slimani is another of the Algerian national team figures, who has left the CAN 2017 with two draws and without knowing the victory.

Senegal, first in the group, and Tunisia, second, thus join Burkina Faso and Cameroon, who on Sunday became the first quarter-finalists of the tournament. Tunisia will face Burkina Faso in one of the crosses, while Senegal will be Cameroon’s rival in the fight to advance to the semifinals. Both games will be played next Saturday.

In this Monday’s matches, Senegal, with goals from Espanyol player Pape Diop (44 ‘) and Fenerbahçe forward Moussa Sow (53’) equalized against Algeria, who took the lead twice on the scoreboard with a double from Slimani (10 ‘and 52’).

France, England and Spain, the most affected by the Africa Cup 2017

The most open Africa Cup

In the other match, Tunisia defeated Zimbabwe (2-4) with goals from Sliti (10 ‘), Msakni (22’), Khenissi (36 ‘) and Khazari (45’) with a penalty. Musona (43 ‘) and Ndoiro (56’) scored goals for Zimbabwe, bottom of the group with only one point in three games.

Effect hit. When everyone thought that Marc Márquez was completely ruled out for the Andalusian Grand Prix, which takes place this weekend at the Jerez circuit, the Honda rider meditates forcing his recovery ‘express’ after being intervened yesterday Tuesday for a fracture of the third middle of the humerus of the right arm and could try to run the second round of the World Cup.

07/22/2020 at 3:27 PM CEST


Marc Márquez

According to Emilio Pérez de Rozas in El Periódico, the rider has already been discharged and on his way home in Cervera he was studying the possibility of traveling to Jerez tomorrow to try to get on the motorcycle on Saturday. It certainly seems crazy, and it is clear that Márquez will need permission from the doctors to get back on track, but his motivation is also understood. And it is that in a World Cup marked by Covid-19 and reduced to only 13 grand prizes (waiting for races in Malaysia, Thailand or Argentina to be added), Marc knows that any point he can add now could serve him later if he reaches the end of the season with options to fight for the title.

Doctors Ángel Charte, head of the medical team of the Motorcycle World Championship that watches over the health of the riders, and Xavier Mir, Marc Márquez’s traumatologist and trusted surgeon have always defended that riders "They are the ideal patients: they are young, they have an incredible physical constitution, they fear nothing, they want to heal as soon as possible and they want to compete right away". However, in this case they are in favor of Márquez setting his recovery goal at the Czech Republic GP, in Brno, from 7 to 9 August.

Márquez, operated successfully and without involvement of the radial nerve

"There has been luck with Márquez"

When Márquez woke up from anesthesia to learn that the radial nerve in his right arm was intact and undamaged, he began to talk about the possibility of racing this week in the Andalusian Grand Prix. The Repsol Honda team does not intend to replace Marc in Jerez and has for the moment only announced Àlex Márquez as its rider for the weekend.

The traumatologist Xavier Mir, from the Dexeus University Institute, has been satisfied with the result of the surgical intervention on MotoGP world champion Marc Márquez, pointing out that it has gone well, although it was not an easy operation, but he was sure that "there has been luck".


On at 08:19 CEST


Marc Márquez

Mir manifested himself this way in an interview with "The spar" of the Cadena Ser in which he explained that it was "a fracture of some importance" and that really what "I was concerned about was the radial nerve, which was next to the fracture, but luckily it has not been affected by the broken bone parts".

"We have put a last generation titanium plate, which are special and are called locked plates because the screws not only catch the bone but are also screwed into the plate, it is a system that is used all over the world and that allows to give an important stability since it has ten screws, five above the fracture and five below", Xavier Mir explains about the fixation of the fracture that has been made to Marc Márquez.

Thought the worst

Mir explains in that interview that "Had the nerve been affected, things would have been complicated since the nerves have a fairly long recovery process, which could even exceed six months", and even came to value during the aforementioned interview that had it been so, Marc Márquez could have said goodbye to the season.

"The nerve is not affected, which is fantastic, since we have been able to separate it and we have been able to fix it using a titanium plate with enough screws to give us stability.", narrated the doctor about the fixation of the fracture of the middle third of the humerus of the right arm of the champion of the Repsol Honda team.

Mental strength

Marc Márquez is a rider who thrives in the face of adversity and who returns stronger from bad times, which for Xavier Mir is fundamental as "it helps to recover sooner, but this is not only the case with professional athletes. People with serious illnesses, if their mood is better, they undoubtedly overcome illnesses that at another time, with a low mood, it causes the disease to progress faster and more seriously. It is scientifically proven", he stressed.

As a good doctor he did not want "wet" with the recovery process, but acknowledged that "A normal person with this injury lasts about eight weeks, hopefully six, but he and all the World Championship riders are surprising due to their recovery times, their ability to suffer and to do rehabilitation immediately. It is sure to surprise us in terms of recovery time".

And when referring to that recovery, Xavier Mir explained in "The spar" that "Today we will remove the bandage, which is rigid, and we will see if after 24 hours there has been a hematoma or not and if there is no hematoma, we will leave a soft bandage so that you can begin to recover and a cold machine, a "game 1 x bet casino ready", so that the inflammation of the muscles is as bearable as possible".

Wanting to start

For his part, Marc Márquez, sent a message to his fans on social networks:

Albert Puig: "We have to be patient"

Márquez, operated successfully and without involvement of the radial nerve

"Hello everyone.