Intercession for Nigeria (2)


As we continue to pray for our dear nation, Nigeria, I bring to you again one of the prophecies that have gone ahead over Nigeria, that we may war a good warfare in prayer by them:

Narrated by Engineer Steve Olumuyiwa (One of the direct sons of Pa Elton from Ile Ife in 80’s).
“In 1989, on the way to US, I was in Shursbery in UK; I met this accountant who had a message given to him in 1983 during the Rivers of Life Conference in East Anglia in UK. The visioner was in a prayer session with his group when God began to show him a vision. God began to show him a vision of countries and lands that was passing through a drought. As he watched God brought him over a parcel of territory that typifies Africa. As he looked on, at a particular portion of that land, that portion was in total darkness, sparks of light was shooting out of that darkness while groaning and cries were coming out of that darkness. As he continues to watch, it appears somebody used a remote control to pause the motion of pictures. At this point he called out to his brethren, he told them that God was showing him something but it seems nothing was moving anymore. His friends told him to keep watching while they pray for him. As soon as they began to pray, it appeared a play button was pressed and the motion came alive again.

Then greater cries were coming out of that land and suddenly there was blinding flash of light that came and swept away that darkness and the whole land birthed with light. God told him that that land he has just seen is called Nigeria. Then they now sat down and began to ask themselves the meaning of this vision. And God told them that Nigeria is a significant nation in His hands for the establishment of His purposes in the last days, to break the scepter of the religion of sons of the bondwoman, to establish His purposes and that the principality appointed by Lucifer over Nigeria is in the same category as the principality over Israel and European nations. That is as tough as it is going to be to fulfill God’s purposes. So God told them (this British brethren) to constitute themselves to be interceding for Nigeria. So when he heard from his friends in 1989, that a Nigerian was coming, he came to see me (Steve) and to handover the responsibility. As he finished the message, he said since you are a Nigerian, go home and tell your brethren what God has said. As he finished, he greeted everybody and left”