Joy for Elke Erb


Joy for Elke Erb

She has also been nominated and awarded for numerous awards.

This is how Kristen Stewart has changed
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Change to a confident woman

Stewart once looked shy and reserved: his long brown hair was cut inconspicuously, the clothes on the red carpet were not as conspicuous as those of the megastars. But little by little – the more fame and career skyrocketed – the presence and charisma of the 30-year-olds also grew on the red carpets. It didn’t stop at just one hairstyle: whether long, wavy, super short, blonde, red or brown – Stewart always surprises with a new head of hair. Her outfits now also range from punk to sexy to classy and elegant.

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But it wasn’t just Stewart’s style that changed over time. Their sexual relationship was also changing: until 2013, Stewart was not only in the film, but also in real life and to the delight of her fans with “” Twilight “” colleague Robert Pattinson. In 2016, she revealed that she had discovered her love for women and has since made same-sex relationships official.

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With the prize “” The Intrepid Word “” the Federation of Luther Cities honors personalities for special moral courage every two years. Each city can nominate one person. Who is Erfurt sending into the race?

The city of Erfurt is looking for suggestions for the “” Intrepid Word “” award, endowed with 10,000 euros. Citizens are called upon to propose people who have shown moral courage, “” have made meaningful statements in word and deed for society, the community and the state, and have represented resistance to resistance, “” it said in a statement. The proposed person does not have to come from Erfurt or have worked there. The closing date for entries is August 31st.

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The award is presented every two years by the Luther cities of Germany, the next time in April 2021 in Worms. Each city can nominate one person. A jury from the cities will decide who will ultimately receive the award. Most recently it went to the author and suffragette Seyran Ateş.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Bad Dürkheim (dpa) – The musician Heinz Rudolf Kunze (63) initially considered the award of the “Golden Vintner of the City of Bad Dürkheim” “to be an April Fool’s joke.

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“” But then I asked myself about the history of the award and who had already won it, “said Kunze (” “Your is my whole heart” “) about the honor of the Palatinate Carnival Society” “Derkemer Grawler” “. He is very happy about the medal that will be awarded to him this Friday (January 17th). “” I’m happy because the award shows that I’m also noticed in regions where I don’t go that often. “”

The award, which is not a classic joke order despite the awarding of the carnival association, has been honoring people since 1974 who, in the opinion of the donors, deserve political, cultural, scientific, sporting or economic interests in the region, state and federal government have made. In previous years, for example, the Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) and actor Dietmar Bär (“” Tatort “”) were honored.writing about community service

Representatives of FC Carl Zeiss Jena and ZFC Meuselwitz have expressed skepticism about the prompt resumption of games in the Northeast Regional Football League in view of the continued high number of corona infections. “Anyone who makes a living with sport should receive special treatment, but only within the framework of what the social situation provides,” said Meuselwitz President Hubert Wolf of the “” Thuringian General “” (Wednesday).

Before the NOFV presidium meeting this Friday, there are signs that regular corona tests could become a condition for game operations. “But monthly costs of 30,000 euros would not be affordable for clubs with a budget of 700,000 to one million euros,” said Wolf.

Jena’s managing director Chris Förster also expressed doubts about continuing the game in December. “From our point of view, it would be sensible to exchange information about the situation again between Christmas and New Year and then decide how things should continue in the new year,” said Förster. Most recently, champions 1. FC Lok Leipzig in particular had campaigned for an early winter break and the continuation of the game in January.

The painting disappeared from a French church several decades ago, but has now reappeared in Wiesbaden: the Federal Criminal Police Office has secured a work of art that has long been lost – thanks to a coincidence.

After more than 45 years, a painting stolen from the church of St.-Marie-Madeleine in Marcoussis, France, turned up in a Wiesbaden auction house. A restorer from France discovered the work of art “” Jesus with Martha and Maria “” by the painter Théodore Chasseriau on the Internet, the police in Wiesbaden announced on Friday. After a tip from the French Ministry of Culture in May, the Federal Criminal Police Office suggested that the painting be seized on suspicion of stolen goods. 

The owner of the work of art stated that he had inherited the painting. According to him, the picture was acquired on the Paris art market in 1974. It was only this year that he found it in the attic and decided to sell it. The man has since returned the registered cultural property to the Marcoussis community. 

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 According to the information, the value of the painting cannot be precisely quantified. The work had been removed from the frame and was therefore slightly damaged. In addition, a signature is missing. On the art market, however, other paintings by the artist are traded from 10,000 euros.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The writer Elke Erb will receive the Georg Büchner Prize 2020. The German Academy for Language and Poetry announced this on Tuesday in Darmstadt. 

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Joy for Elke Erb. The award, endowed with 50,000 euros, goes to the 82-year-old writer. It is considered the most important literary award in Germany. Erb has been the eleventh woman to receive the award since 1951. The award ceremony is planned for October 31 in Darmstadt.

“” Unmistakable and independent literary life’s work “” 

With Elke Erb, the academy honors an “” unmistakable and independent literary life’s work “” which began in 1975 in the GDR and which has continued undeterred to the present after its end. “” For the undaunted enlightener, poetry is a political and highly lively form of knowledge, “” was the verdict of the jury. 

Elke Erb was born in Rheinbach in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1938 and now lives in Berlin. Since 1966 she has been a writer, translator and mainly writes short prose and poetry.

Last year’s award winner 

In 2019 the Swiss writer and playwright Lukas Bärfuss received an award. The jury saw him as an outstanding narrator and playwright of contemporary German-language literature.

The Academy has been awarding the award since 1951 to writers who write in German. The award winners must “” stand out in a special way through their work and works “” and “” have a substantial part in shaping contemporary German cultural life “”.

The winners include Max Frisch (1958), Günter Grass (1965) and Heinrich Böll (1967) and, most recently, since 2015 Rainald Goetz, Marcel Beyer, Jan Wagner, Terézia Mora and Bärfuss.

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It is named after the playwright and revolutionary Georg Büchner (“” Woyzeck “”). He was born in the Grand Duchy of Hesse in 1813 and died in Zurich in 1837.

Sources used: dpa news agency, own research 

The Golden Camera was awarded in Berlin on Saturday evening. Reason enough for the stars to really flare themselves up again. At least that’s what Conchita Wurst thought.

Golden Camera: The most beautiful looks from the award ceremony
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Acting greats such as Jessica Chastain and Anna Schudt were honored on Saturday evening in the closed Berlin-Tempelhof Airport. Around 1,200 guests came to the German capital for the award of the Golden Camera. Including environmental activist Greta Thurnberg. Another star was the eye-catcher of the evening: Conchita Wurst.

Photo Show: The Golden Camera Red Carpet Looks

The travesty artist, who is actually called Tom Neuwirth, had dressed up for the event and with his outfit caught the eye on Saturday evening. Conchita Wurst appeared in a very special look, a fetish look.

Golden camera: Conchita Wurst came in a fetish look. (Source: Reuters / Axel Schmidt)

The 30-year-old combined extra long gloves and a matching corsage with tight black trousers. The singer had exposed the view of his nipples. Only a few chains played around his cleavage. And what did the other stars wear? You can see the looks of the Golden Camera in our photo show.

“”Just awesome””

The travesty artist also shared the look with his fans on Instagram. They were enthusiastic about the outfit. “” Just awesome “”, commented a follower on the choice of outfit. “” It looks awesome, “wrote another user. Others don’t recognize Conchita. Because actually the former ESC winner is always glamorous and elegant, usually with an evening dress and long mane.

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 Many fans suspect that Tom wants to put an end to the cult figure and would rather appear than himself in the future. In 2011 he created Conchita Wurst. But the transformation of the diva-like and bearded fictional character with whom he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 had been on the horizon for some time. Two years ago, Tom Neuwirth said in an “” Welt “” interview that he no longer needed Conchita and had to kill her. Again and again he emphasized that the figure should become more masculine. 

Sources used: “” The Golden Camera “” from March 30, 2019 Instagram profile of Conchita Wurst

Harry and Meghan will no longer be senior royals as of April 1. This now leads to problems in the security question: Canada is definitely stopping its support for the couple.

The most beautiful couple photos of Harry and Meghan
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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced their royal resignation in January. March 31st is the last day on which you act as representative of Queen Elizabeth II, then your “” Megxit “” is officially completed. Since the end of 2019, the two have found a new part-time home in Canada with a short break. The Canadian police are currently still protecting the couple, but from April this will no longer be the case, as the Canadian CBC reports.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP for short) has been ensuring the safety of the couple and their nine-month-old son Archie since their arrival in November 2019, as they are internationally protected people, explains the Canadian Federal Minister for Public Security, Bill Blair According to the CBC report. Because Prince Harry remains sixth in line to the British throne despite his withdrawal. This position justifies personal protection. But that should be over in a month: “” The support will be discontinued in the coming weeks according to the change in their status, “” explains the 66-year-old. Although Harry will otherwise retain his rank in the line of succession.

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“” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have chosen to move to Canada on a part-time basis, presented our government with a unique and unprecedented situation, “Blair continued. Experts assume that the security costs amount to up to 20 million pounds (the equivalent of around 24 million euros) annually. For a long time it was not clear who would pay the costs. It is now clear: Canada is not doing it. It remains to be seen whether the British Metropolitan Police alone will ensure the safety of the couple and son Archie.

Sources used: news agency spot on newsCBC: “” Canada will not pay for Prince Harry and Meghan’s security after March “”

The bitter truth is that the last car is always a station wagon. But before the final prone transport in a gray or black painted body, evolution has built in a new intermediate stage: the rollator. So it’s high time to approach this walking aid in a humorous way!

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