The Lord had inspired our hearts to go on 40 Days of Blessed Meditation following a simple template to guide our meditation process.

Things to put in mind each day as you fellowship with the Lord these 40 days:

1. Ensure you properly come into God’s presence with heart-felt thanksgiving based on rich understanding of what God has done for you in Christ Jesus

2. Ask the Lord to enlighten the eyes of your understanding. Pray this very well in understanding and tongues.

3. Start your meditation with the readiness to believe and act on all that God would reveal to you. Maintain this attitude always.

4. Either after or in between your meditation, make sure you pray fervently based on the truths revealed to you.

5. Pray specifically for the strength of the Holy Ghost according to Eph 3:16

6. Thank the Lord again for revealed truths.

7. Continue to think on those truths from your meditation even as you go about the business of the day. Allow them to fill your thoughts. Only then can these truths transform your life

Do these everyday.

God bless you real good.

To hold yourself accountable, send your DAILY meditation insights to latest by 11:59PM of each day.


  1. oke emmanuel
    10 Apr 2019 06:02:51 Reply

    Through his grace I received his help on this journey

  2. Gbenga
    10 Apr 2019 08:57:09 Reply

    Through meditation, we press into the understanding of the wonderful Grace of Jesus that makes all things ready for us.

  3. Abiola Popoola
    10 Apr 2019 09:11:12 Reply

    The devil has lost it forever. He should not have allowed us to be born again; it’s not in His counsel to determine that anyway

  4. Kikiowo Mary Oluwatomisin
    10 Apr 2019 10:09:34 Reply

    There is always a blessing that follows every step of obedience taken.

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