What is Christian Meditation?
Christian meditation is an Holy-Spirit-powered exercise that involves studying God’s word in an atmosphere of complete concentration with the objective of finding out clear step by step instructions of what God wants me to do in a particular area of my life so that I can experience what God promised me in that area.

Requirements of True Christian Meditation:
1. The empowerment of the Holy Spirit
2. Concentration of the mind
3. Looking out for instructions in God’s Word
4. Being focused on a particular area of life
5. Expecting fulfilment of certain promises of God for that area of life

Characteristics of Effective Meditation
Effective meditation is characterized by the following:

1. A clear set of questions or issues I am seeking answer or clarity to: Having this is very important otherwise one will just be wandering from pillar to pole even in God’s Word for many hours without bringing out any meaningful thing out of the exercise at the end of the day. The Word of God is like an ocean into which if you dive and are not guided, you can lose sense of direction. Yes, it is God’s Word and it is the Light of God, but I must be guided anytime I am studying it so that I can meet the specific desires of my heart at such time. A set of questions we are seeking answers must have been precipitated out of our heart desires, inspired by an understanding of
certain unclaimed promises of God for our lives. For instance, if you have been trusting God for healing in your body and it seems you are not getting it; maybe you heard God’s Word again that brought you to the understanding that healing of the body is still God’s plan for you. In an attempt to receive this promise of God, you can decide to meditate on God’s provision for your healing in the Bible. The possible question for this scenario may then be “What are the reasons why a believer of Christ may not receive his healing?” Of course, this question then will guide your meditation to focus on scriptures that directly deal with healing and not just be jumping from scriptures dealing with finances or fruit of the spirit just because they seem equally appealing.

2. Acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit: Every true meditation must begin with acknowledging the role of the Holy Spirit. Meditation is meant to bring light to areas of our lives in which we desire to prosper. Except God the Spirit gives this light, meditation at best can only be an academic exercise of the soul. It will only provide mental but not spiritual insights. And what we seek for in true meditation of the spirit is spiritual insight to solve issues that cannot be solved in the physical or mental realm. Apostle Paul by the Spirit educated us that we can pray to God to grant us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him and to open our eyes of understanding. This we must do at the beginning of every meditation in which desire success.

3. Change of Thoughts: True meditation changes the thought pattern. This is what Rom 12:2 talks about when God revealed that we can only be transformed by the renewing of our mind. It must be clear to us that basically, the results we see in our daily lives are products of our thoughts pattern. Anything that is not allowed to change our thoughts cannot change the results we see in our lives. Referring back to our example of seeking healing for the body. If truly that man has received God’s answers to his
questions concerning his healing, the first effect of such truths we see on him is that his thoughts about his condition and how he talks about his condition will distinctly change. The effect of this change in thoughts will also be directly seen in change in his actions. Don’t forget that as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Also we know that only the doers of the word shall be blessed. Therefore, if our meditation does not bring positive influence on our thoughts and actions, then we should not expect any
change in the results we are getting from our lives.

4. Observing to know how to act: Like I highlighted earlier, we often come to meditate in God’s Word because we have questions to answer in our hearts. In fact, sometimes, we probably know what to do but for our current situation, we may not know how to do what we know. In Joshua 1:8, God told Joshua: “…but thou shalt meditate therein day and night that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein”.
Here, God hinted Joshua and all of us His children that the essence of meditation is to observe to do according to the principles of God’s Word. In addition, God revealed that meditation imparts into us the ability to be diligent (careful) in acting according to God’s Word. In meditation, we are to expect that God’s Spirit will inspire in us actions that are in perfect harmony with God’s Word. These come to us as specific instructions from the Holy Spirit. These instructions may not have been written directly in God’s Word but just coming fresh to us to meet the specific desires that
brought us to the place of meditation. However, in the place of meditation, we will be able to tell that such instructions are according to the principles of God’s Word.

5. Pointing us to our need to pray: With our eyes opened to the instructions to be carried out, it is natural for our hearts to cry out to God for help. More often than not, the instructions that are passed to us from the Holy Spirit in meditation are highly unbearable for the natural man and they should, because they are spiritual instructions. As such, our hearts will naturally be prompted to pray to God for help to carry out these instructions. True prayer, coming from the depth of the hearts, is therefore an unmistakable characteristic of effective meditation.

6. Prosperity and Good Success: A man who truly meditates does not do so just for an exercise of the spirit but for prosperity and success. God showed us in Joshua 1:8 that the ultimate product of effective meditation will be prosperity in that for which you have meditated and of course prayed. When we meditate, we are to expect that we will prosper in that for which we have come to meditate. We must believe we will prosper and succeed in that matter. In fact, this is the crown of true meditation.

Your brother in Christ,

Akinwehinmi Gbenga.