Background to the Vision

» A good diagnosis is one which reveals the root cause(s) or nature of a condition, situation or problem while still paying attention to its symptoms.
» Many of the problems we face in our dear nation, Nigeria are symptoms and one thing to carefully pay attention to in Nigeria today is the fact that problems can always manifest themselves in different ways but there is/are always root cause(s) for every problem.
» The truth which has birthed this vision of ours is that the root dimension to Nigeria’s predicament is first spiritual before it is political, economic, educational, managerial or any other. This is not only peculiar to Nigeria but every nation which disrespects the foundational spiritual principles set by God to guide the emergence of any nation to greatness.

» The foregoing has birthed and will sustain the vision which the Lord has given us to rebuild the broken wall and raise the burnt gates of our dear nation, Nigeria.

Our Vision

A new Nigeria whose values, goals, constitution and laws are that which perfectly reflect God’s foundational principles for a righteous nation.
It is a Nigeria of selfless but confident citizens whose values and beliefs are built from the principles of selflessness, honesty, integrity, righteousness, equity and justice

Our Mission

To build a new generation of leaders who will be strong enough to raise other leaders to create the New Nigeria described in the Vision statement.



This is the platform that we hope to use to raise young people who have specific calling from God into public leadership through Politics. We hope to continuously achieve this in a cycle of three phases.


Here people are taught the foundational principles of God through the Lordship of Christ and the help of the Holy Spirit.


Here people are taught the patterns of Godly Leadership from the Bible and Other contemporary Christian experiences.


We hope to have them practically doing what they have been taught by building the walls of the nation in any capacity that God will afford them to.

Our Goal
The aim of the BTB is to identify, equip and send out people who have God’s call on their lives into political leadership to build the dilapidated walls of Nigeria.

Our Audience

The youths in Nigerian Higher Institutions who have a convincing evidence of God’s call into Political leadership.

Our Motivation

Our motivation towards this goal is firstly in the truth that God desires that our nation is in good shape and that she maintains the good shape. Also, that it is a divine mandate for the church to put our shapeless nation in order through the exercise of divine wisdom and power – Ephesians 3:10