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My name is actually Elena Petrova. As the title of this web site points out, I am actually a Russian female. I matured in Russia, as well as spent the big part of my lifestyle certainly there. I obtained wed to a Westerner in 1998.

I have an experts degree in philosophy (gotten a degree withdistinction), as well as additionally a postgraduate education and learning in marketing and advertising. For a few years I worked in trade, then as a copy writer for an advertising campaign department of a famous industrial plant employing over 4,500 people. My final position prior to I left behind Russia was actually as a regional supervisor of a large advertising organization (one of 22 local offices), where I possessed 150 people working withme as well as rather a pleasant earnings. I had my personal house as well as a vehicle, so the reason that I chose to try to find an other half abroad was certainly not since I was despairing or even residing in destitution.

I resided in Ekaterinburg, some of the greatest cities in Russia, traveled a whole lot, botharound the countries of the former Soviet Union (when I started to journey it was actually still a nation; Soviet Union finished in 1991 plus all past 15 Soviet States ended up being individual nations) and “far abroad”, exactly how Russians phone the nations, whichwere certainly not a part of the USSR. In my opinion, our company Russians are really different coming from the other nations. Check out it in the Russians section of the page “Concerning Russia”.

ThoughI have actually never possessed a problem withgetting males’s focus, I was actually unable to find The Man Of My Dreams in my home. Why? I don’t understand, deep inside I today believe it was simply not implied to become, I was actually implied to emigrate as well as become an article writer and also begin a dating company, as well as if I met a companion in Russia I understand this would certainly never happen!:-RRB- Well, it is actually type of a laughhowever as the stating goes ‘every joke has a bit of laugh, the remainder is actually the reality’ … Yet simple facts are simple facts and also the realities are that althoughI truly would like to get married and possess a household, I really did not acquire wed in Russia.

This is actually why at the age of 29 I chose to increase my perspectives as well as try to searchfor an individual abroad. Being actually solitary at 29 is actually more than only a little unique for a russian mail order brides woman. It was actually not simply weird, it appeared questionable, and I thought that a comprehensive simpleton whenever I needed to respond to the question “Have you acquired gotten married to?” (it suggested: “at last …”) whenever I satisfied my college or even college classmates. Go throughthe Domesticity area, and also you will perhaps know why.

You recognize, weding a foreigner is one of the hottest topics in Russia. I think, any single Russian lady would certainly possess thought of it a minimum of the moment in her life. This suggestion concerned my thoughts a number of opportunities given that I was actually 26, and also it took me as little as 3 years to start making it become a reality. I will not overburden you along withthe information, let’s simply point out that my searchwas rather effective. I got muchmore than 250 men’s characters coming from all around the planet, most from the USA. Frankly, I was actually amazed withthe number and also highquality of males that answered my add, they were educated, interesting, mature and also actually would like to have a household! WOW! This was sucha distinction along withRussian males, it was hard to believe! It virtually appeared very good too hold true! (This is actually probably how you think reading accounts of Russian girls)

Long account small, I met my future husband instead quickly althoughit took us one year prior to our experts satisfied face to face as well as another half a year prior to our team received gotten married to. (Today it occurs muchfaster, Skype and also affordable international calls rates assist …) Pretty soon I received expecting along withour hand child and also in one more number of years we had our second.

I still keep in contact withmy russian bride friends, and my prosperous account has actually motivated a number of them to attempt the same way. My cousin got married to a guy coming from the U.S.A., and my friends are connecting along withAmericans, Australians as well as Europeans.

The tip of partnerships in between Western guys and foreign girls was really interesting to me, whichis why I chose to create this internet site. I would like to provide truly impartial information concerning Russian females, their aims, intentions, and interpretations, and also discuss their myths and superstitious notions.

A while ago I was talked to by Cosmo, as well as the lady-reporter seemed to be mosting likely to write a completely different tale initially of our interview. The statement for the future article was “SouthAfrica’s mail order bride-to-bes”. Seems a little bit unpleasant, does not it? This was the first time I had actually heard this condition “mail order brides”, and honestly, I was stunned!!! I had no suggestion this was the means Russian ladies looking for companions abroad were worked within western side media.

Nevertheless, it seemed like the lady-reporter changed her perspective. The cover web page to the actual problem along withthe write-up said “SouthAfrica’s Mail Order Romances”. A bit a lot better. As well as the article do withthe words “Accept” as well as “Best of luck” dealt withto all our team Russian ladies. (Thanks, Shantal.)

This was my 1st encounter along withthe means Russian-western marriages were presented in the media. I viewed the Internet trying to find the relevant information, and was actually shocked a lot more. Witha lot of resources delivering info regarding Russian ladies, there was actually priceless little relevant information that was actually certainly not prejudiced, or actively inaccurate.

I discovered that there are two types of fallacies in Western society concerning Russian girls, beneficial as well as unfavorable, eachare actually muchcoming from the fact. Regardless of whether there is actually a grain of truthin a number of them, they are often absolutely inappropriate concerning the explanations for the sensations. This is actually why I decided to develop my personal website, and also provide the viewpoint of a Russian woman that came throughthe method herself. Being actually a certified philosopher, I made an effort to take care of concerns taking into account all factors of my experience, previous russian bride as well as latest Western side, as well as view the whole picture in contrast to considering separate parts of the puzzle, and attempting to draw conclusions about the whole picture from this really item. I wishit provides a far better understanding of Russian girls and Russia in general.

Please note that the main materials of this website, including pages “About Russia”, “Russian Women Tricks” and “Fallacies As Well As Reality”, were created long just before I started my dating organisation, thus satisfy don’t assume they are an usual advertising hype. They show the tips of a Russian girl on targets concerned, as well as certainly not the tips of a dating website manager. I eventually revised some facts that became obsolete (many thanks my site visitors for aiming me out) but maintained the essence.

So at first this website was created as an educational source but a number of my website visitors asked me if I can do this whichfor them, and that is actually just how the tip regarding offering people a solution pertained to my mind. Beginning withsmall things like translations, russian bride s Cyber Manual began to offer different companies to folks looking for worldwide relationships.

Since I wished to maintain russian bride s Cyber Resource as an educational source, the going out withorganization procedures were combined under the name of Elena’s Styles.

Articles about me and also my agency were actually released in a lot of Russian publications including Cosmopolitan, Personal computer, Computers and also Net, Private Lifestyle, Krest’ yanka (preferred women’s journal) and loads of others. I was actually invited for TV interviews in Russia as well as SouthAfrica. I was additionally sought meetings by lots of papers as well as publications – UNITED STATES, UK, Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, SouthAfrica, Finland … I have authored a book in Russian, referred to as “101 recommendations exactly how to discover a spouse abroad.” I possess clients from throughout the world. (Click here for the checklist of nations).

My web sites russian bride s Cyber Resource as well as Elena’s Designs are recommended throughseveral resources on the Internet, featuring anti-scam sites, and also their recommendations are actually the best credit rating to my job.

I am actually quite glad to be one of the girls that dealt withto make their means right into the Net company. When I left Russia I did not even recognize what the World wide web was actually! Now I have a worldwide dating company withworkplaces in 5 nations – a desire come true!:-RRB-

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