A gathering of believers every December where we come together and wait on God for renewal of strength and directions for the New Year. The retreat features the teaching of the Word, prayer sessions and vigils as well as interactive sessions.


The sound teaching of God’s Word, as it relates to the realities of the new man in Christ, and his purpose in the grand scheme of God according to Eph 3vs10 cannot be over emphasized. Hence, our gathering from different denominations every Sunday by 5pm to receive life transforming revelation and in turn transform others.

Prayer Walk

We believe so much in the power of prayers in conquering territories and effecting the will of God in different facets of our nation. This is we gather every last Saturday by 5am at designated points to intercede for our nation.

Psalms and Hymns

A gathering of believers every December to exhort and edify ourselves through Psalms and Hymns and spiritual songs according to Eph 5vs19.