Intercession for Nigeria


In our prayer time, the Lord directed us to Daniel 9, being our anchor scripture for the Intercession for Nigeria.
In verse 2, Daniel said he understood by books the number of years that nation Israel must serve the punishment in a strange land. He found this by the prophecy given by Jeremiah in Jeremiah 25:11; 2 Chron 36:21
Here we see how it is important that we understand in clear terms the prophetic words over Nigeria that have gone ahead of these days.
We asked the Lord what to search for knowing the difficulty in settling on which of the many genuine and ‘fake’ prophecies that are out there about Nigeria.

The Lord told us to search for Pa G. Elton’s prophecies over Nigeria. While we have started this and will continue to search, we will be sharing our findings as they come that we may pray by them
Daniel’s seeking by prayer and fasting for the restoration of Israel was according to the Prophecy before this time. This is also extremely important for us as well as we started interceding for our dear Nation

This also is in perfect harmony with 1Timothy 1:18 [KJV] – This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare;
God bless us for having faith in God for Nigeria. Nigeria shall be fully restored in Jesus name.
Below is one of the prophecies:

“Nigeria and Nigerians will be known all over the world for corruption. Your name – Nigeria will stink for corruption but after a while a new phase will come — a phase of righteousness. People from the nations of the earth will hold to a Nigerian and say, We want to follow you to your nation to go and learn righteousness” – Pa S.G Elton (Mid 80’s)